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How do I request leave?

Planning for vacation? Or not coming to office due to sickness? Don’t worry! You can make a leave request and view the requested leave information along with its status. Follow these steps below to request leave:

  1. Go to ‘Attendance’ and choose ‘Leave’.
  2. Tap + to submit new request.
  3. Determine whether the request is for requester or another employee.
  4. Choose the type of leave from the available option.
  5. Once you choose the leave type, the remaining balance will appear.
  6. Set the start date and end date of the leave by clicking the calendar icon.
  7. Type your reason why taking leave.
  8. Add attachment if necessary.
  9. Click ‘Submit’ to send your leave request. Your request is on the way to be approved by the approver.

Please take a look to the leave request status first before going vacation. If your leave is fully approved, well it’s time for you to go!

However, if your request is cancelled, maybe, you can take another day to take leave. If your request is partially approved, it might be one of the approvers haven’t seen your request yet. Check the approver and ask him why he hasn’t approved your leave.

Last, if the request status is ‘revised’, re-check your leave request in case there’s something you need to revise.

Updated on July 4, 2019

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