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What is Letter Template?

Dealing with sheets of letters is one of the time-consuming tasks for HR people. That’s why we provide you with the Letter Template feature. With this feature, creating letters will be much easier and faster. You can also customize the letters according to your company’s needs.

Follow the instructions below to get ready with the Letter Template feature.

  • Click the Activities menu on the main page
  • Select Letter Template in the Tools and Report sub-menu
  • Letter Template main page will appear on the screen, like the following picture

It’s recommended for you learn how this feature works by understanding each function.

1. Upload File: To upload document template

2. See All Template: To view all the uploaded templates or ready-made template

3. Blank Document: To create a letter document from scratch

4. File: To show the list of documents with document title, number of signature line, and latest time editing

5. Recipient: Employee list that is included on a document

6. Search: To search a document by words

7. Template Type: To show type of template choosen by user for a document

8. Action Icon: It consist of two different functions. Click the Download icon to download document. Click the Edit icon to customize the document. Click the Delete icon to delete the document

9. Display: To adjust the documents view on the screen

Updated on October 7, 2022

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