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How to use Header & Footer?

The header & Footer can be used to add text or images at the top or bottom of the page. One of example is creating a letterhead. In addition, you can also include the company address, company logo, or other information that proves the document’s credibility.

To start using Header & Footer, follow the steps below.

  • Click the Header & Footer tab, between the Insert Value and Signature tab. You have two options, to activate or deactivate the Header & Footer by clicking those toggle switches
  • If you activate the Header, you will see several settings of which information you want to include at the top of page
    1. A toggle switch to activate or deactivate Header on the document
    2. Click this box to add the company logo. You can check the logo in the Company & Employee menu > Company > Company Profile Edit Company Info > Upload Company Logo
    3. Click this box if you wish to have a document letter without the company logo on the Header
    4. Click these boxes to add the company name, company address, company e-mail, and company phone number on the Header
    5. Used to set the Header contents to be aligned on the right side of the document
    6. Used to set the Header contents to be aligned on the left side of the document
    7. Used to set the Header contents to be aligned on the center of the document
  • To add Footer to your document, just scroll down to Footer switch, then click the switch
Updated on September 9, 2022

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