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How to upload a template?

In the Letter Template feature, you can use our templates to start your work. You can create a letter document from zero as well. What if you want to upload your own document to get advanced editing? That’s one of the possible things you can do with GreatDay HR.

Follow the steps below to upload your documents.

  1. Go to the Letter Template main page, then click the Upload File button in the right corner of the top page
  2. You will be asked the type of template you want to upload, whether it’s Editable Template or Fixed Template. Once the type has been selected, click Choose File to start browsing the document on your device/computer. Please note that you are only allowed to upload documents in .docx format
    • Editable Template: Type of document template which you wish to edit or customize its content using GreatDay, including text, image, layout, and so on
    • Fixed Template: Type of document template which doesn’t need any editing. Use an external editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to insert employee data values on the document, such as {{ emp_name }}, {{ emp_nik }}, and so on. It’s case-sensitive, so make sure you always follow our guide by inserting the employee data values precisely.
  3. If you choose Editable Template, you will see the document text in the editor page. You can edit, add, or remove text shown on the document
  4. If you choose Fixed Template, the document will be saved in the File tab. Click the Download button to get copies that have been inserted with employee data
Updated on October 7, 2022

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