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How to track my job application?

After submitting a resume/CV, it’s important that you track the jobs you’re applying. Tracking will make you keep informed of the application status and helps you get ready for the next recruitment process.

How does application tracking work on GreatDay Recruitment?

  1. Click Latest Application to get application updates
  2. Take a look at your application. It will show a note (underlined red) if any status changes of yours. You will be notified of status changes via email as well
  3. Click a job application to get to know how far your application is in the recruitment process
  4. Here’s the progress bar when your application is being reviewed by recruiter
  5. Here’s the progress bar when the recruiter invites you to the interview. Click Accept Invitation to confirm your interest in having an interview. Click Decline if you consider rejecting the interview invitation
  6. Here’s the progress bar when you get a job offer. You can evaluate what’s all included in the offering letter before making a decision. Click Accept Offer to notify your recruiter about your acceptance. Click Decline if you decide to reject the job offer

Updated on September 19, 2022

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