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How to Insert Employee Data in a letter document?

Letter Template feature helps you personalize letters for each employee by inserting name, address, phone number, or other employee information.  You can use Insert Value function that you can find on the editor page.

To start inserting employee data, follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare your document, then place your cursor on the text you want to insert employee data. For example, you need to put the employee’s name on the letter document
  2. Click the Insert Value tab and select the type of employee data you want to insert in the drop-down menu. In this case, select Employee name; {{ emp_name }} to insert the employee’s name on the document
  3. Ensure the {{ emp_name }} is visible on the place you wish. Just like the following picture
  4. In addition to employee names, there are other types of employee data you can include. The data will be personalized according to the employee you choose as a recipient
    • Employee ID number: {{ emp_nik }} = The unique number which identifies an employee in a company
    • Employee e-mail address: {{ emp_email }} = The email of the employee who was registered as GreatDay user
    • Employee phone number: {{ emp_phone }} = The phone number that belongs to the employee
    • Employee address: {{ emp_address }} = The address or place that the employee lives at
    • Employee position: {{ emp_position }} = The position or function that an employee work in
    • Employee start date: {{ emp_startdate }} = The effective date of an employee starts working in the company
    • Employee end date: {{ emp_enddate }} = The end date of the employee’s employment
    • Employee work location: {{ emp_worklocation }} = The location or office where an employee is actively and regularly working
    • Employee cost center: {{ emp_costcenter }} = The cost center which an employee works in
    • Employee company name: {{ company_name }} = The name of the company that is written on the legal or financial documents
    • Employee supervisor name: {{ spv_name }} = The supervisor’s name who is responsible to an employee in the company
    • Employee supervisor position: {{ spv_position }} = The supervisor’s position which an employee work under
    • Current date: {{ current_date }} = The date of document creation
    • Employee Department: {{ emp_department }} = The employee’s department
  5. If you want to insert other data, repeat the step above
Updated on October 7, 2022

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