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How to download a document?

Download in the Letter Template feature has an objective to get copies of the documents which has been inserted with employee data. You will get copies in .PDF format.

To start downloading documents, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Letter Template main page, then choose a document you want to download. For instance, you want to download a document titled “Employee Termination Letter Template” with the following details
  2. Click the Download icon to start downloading
  3. In the Employee tab, you will be asked to select employee(s) you want to include on the document. For instance, you include an employee named Dae Robi. Click the employee name to download the document
  4. Once the download is done, try to open the file to make sure the document contains Dae Robi’s information, including employee name, job position, department, employee supervisor name, and employee supervisor position
  5. You can also download the document with the employee’s name that was previously inserted. Repeat the first and second steps, then click the Previous Recipient tab
Updated on September 9, 2022

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