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How to create a new job vacancy?

The recruitment process is the first step to achieving a company’s goal. However, dealing with the mountain of applicant resumes may take a lot of time. This is one of the main problems that most recruiters frequently face when a company is looking for new talents.

With our feature, we will help you manage the recruitment process more streamlined, starting from candidate screening to interview, so you never miss out on the opportunity to get the best talent.

  1. Click the Activities menu on the main page
  2. A dropdown menu will appear on your screen. Click the Recruitment Admin to get into our recruitment feature
  3. A new page will show on your screen. It provides job vacancies table with the details of each progress
    • (A) Create Job Vacancies: Click this button to create a new job vacancy, then post it on social media or website
    • (B) Setting: Click this icon to adjust the recruitment setting
    • (C) Advanced Filter: To filter job vacancies to be displayed on the screen according to specific criteria
    • (D) Search Bar: To search job vacancies by keyword input
    • (E) Job Position: List of job position titles
    • (F) Status: To show whether a job vacancy is still open or closed for the applicant
    • (G) Applicants: Number of applicants who apply for the job vacancy
    • (H) In Review: Number of applicants whose resumes were being reviewed by the recruiter
    • (I) Interview: Number of applicants who were interviewed by the recruiter
    • (J) Hired: Number of applicants who are getting hired by the company
    • (K) Created: Date of job vacancy created
  4. Click Create Job Vacancy and a new page will appear on your screen
  5. Start with giving a title or name of job position that you will advertise. For example, your company is looking for a new sales executive
  6. Set in which currency your company want to pay for this job position
  7. Set range of salary amount that your company want to offer to applicants. Put check in the Hide Salary Info box if you don’t feel like to reveal salary amount on the job vacancy advertisement
  8. Set how many days this job vacancy is open for applicants
  9. Write the details of what will applicants do in the Job Description box and what applicant should have in the Requirement box
  10. Add some skill tag to identify which skills the applicants needed to achieve success in this position
  11. Upload a photo if you wish to show overview of your company. Click Next to advance to the next step
  12. Select city or particular location of where this job position is opened
  13. Select the type of industry that related to the job title
  14. Select the job position level
  15. Select the seniority level of the job position
  16. Select the employment type or the legal relationship between company and hired applicants. If you are done with all the job specifications, click Next to advance to the next step
  17. Add screening questions to filter applicants faster. You can choose whether the applicant’s answer is submitted by video or by text. Click Submit if you are done with the setting
  18. You job vacancy will appear on the main page. If it’s not visible, try to search by entering some keyword related to the vacancy
  19. You can check your job vacancy on the recruitment.greatdayhr.com page

Updated on September 19, 2022

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