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How to create a new document?

With GreatDay HR, you can create a letter document from scratch. In that case, you are allowed to customize the document format and style according to company needs.

To create a new document, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Activities menu, then select Letter Template
  • Select Blank Document
  • You will see the editor page appears on your screen. It has many functions to help you create a letter as you wish, including Font Style, Header & Footer, and Insert Value

1. Back: To leave editor page and go back to Letter Template main page

2. Undo: To cancel actions or changes made on the document

3. Redo: To repeat actions or changes made on the document

4. Font: To change font style

5. Font size: To change the size of font

6. Alignment: To change text alignment

7. Bullets & Numbering: To create a numbering system in the paragraph

8. Font format

9. Page Setup: To adjust page size, paper size, margin, and text orientation

10. Insert Value: To insert employee data on the letter

11. Header & Footer: To edit the top and the bottom of a page

12. Signature: To insert signature line

13. Save: To save the document

14. Blank Page: To create a new document from scratch

15. Screen Size: To adjust the document view

16. Document title: To give a title to your document

The following picture is an example of the editor page. If you have finished with your text, click Save

Updated on October 7, 2022

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