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How to apply for a job on GreatDay Recruitment?

As job seekers, we should thank digital technology and the internet. We can experience easy recruitment and get a job offer from a company without leaving home. The Internet allows us to apply for jobs at any time and post CVs from anywhere we feel comfortable.

GreatDay HR wants to invite you to go digital in your job seeking. We provide a job portal site, where you can find which jobs most suit you. You can subscribe to your dream companies as well, so you will never miss out on information from them.

How do we get started?

  1. First thing first, you must have an account to get logged in. Go to the recruitment.greatdayhr.com sign in page
  2. Enter your ID card number (appears on your employee card), phone number, email address, and a new password. In the Confirm Password field, please retype your password. Click Register to advance to the next steps
  3. Complete the account information form
  4. Complete the personal information form. Don’t forget to prepare your CV/resume, so the recruiters have a valid document to consider your application
  5. Complete the education information form to tell that your background could fit into the position you apply
  6. If you have previous work experience, don’t hesitate to share it with the recruiters. It helps you tell them about your expertise and how long you work in a particular position. Click Finish to go forward
  7. You will see the job opening on your screen. Click Advanced Filter if want to filter job openings according to specific criteria. Click the ( ⋮ ) to open more settings, such as subscribe to the company, change your password, and log out of your account. Click a job vacancy to see the job detail
  8. On the job detail page, you can get some information regarding the job. If want to apply for the job, click Apply for Job. In case it doesn’t suit you, share the job with your friends or relatives. Note: You must verify your email address to apply for a job
  9. Recruiters might ask you some screening questions, it could be video or text submission. Click Submit Answer to continue. Note: Screening question only appear if recruiter set it up in the Company Setting
  10. The next page shows the uploading progress of the text/video file you’ve submitted
Updated on October 7, 2022

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