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How do I request overtime?

Your regular working hours might be not enough to finish all your urgent tasks. One and only way is to work overtime. If you need to work overtime, you can let your supervisor/manager know it by requesting your overtime in GreatDay HR app. Go through this explanation below on how to request overtime:

  1. Go to Attendance and choose Overtime.
  2. Tap ‘+ New Request’ to request your overtime.
  3. Determine whether the request is for requester or another employee.
  4. Set the start and end date of overtime.
  5. Write down the reason.
  6. Add the attachment if necessary.
  7. Tap ‘Next’ to go to the following step.
  8. Go to the detail field to set the time
  9. Set the end time of overtime.
    Hint: To make you set the time easily, you can just tap the stopwatch button to add the time for 30 minutes.
  10. Add more if you want to create more overtime.
  11. All done? Update the data and submit your overtime request.
Tutorial Video on How to Request Overtime
Updated on April 6, 2020

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