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How do I invite other employees to the application?

New hires are coming! It’s time for you (as an admin) to input your new employees’ data. Adding your new employees to GreatDay HR is easy. You can follow these steps and all will be done.

  1. Go to Company & Employee menu and then choose New Employee. You can find this menu by accessing through the web.
  2. Invite Member menu will be revealed in the left side of your screen. In this section, you have to fill out the personal information form of an employee you want to invite. Click Next to advance to the next section.
  3. In the second section, you are required to fill out Work Info form with the information related to the employment, such as Job Position, Join Date, Employment Status, etc. Click Next to move forward to the next section. 
  4. In the third section, you need to select a supervisor for the new employee. Tick the checkbox if you just hire an employee for a standalone position. Click Save to move forward and save the employee information.
  5. Once you complete filling the information, the employee will receive an email invitation to start using GreatDay. The invitation also provides account information to be used in the login process.
  6. The employee can log in to GreatDay both via app.greatdayhr.com or GreatDay app. Once login process completed, the employee is for sure become a new user of GreatDay.
Updated on October 20, 2022

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