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How do I initiate processing payroll?

Payday is getting closer! As an admin, you are the person in charge to manage the payment and make sure that company pays employees on time and correctly. In GreatDay HR, you are facilitated the easy way to process payroll. Follow these steps to initiate
processing payroll:

  1. Go to Payroll
  2. Choose the payment type. For example, you want to pay the monthly salary so, choose “Monthly Salary” to proceed.
    You don’t need to add the same payment type if you have made one.
    But, if you haven’t made one, add the payment type first as the following steps:

    • Add New Type. Then, you will see the page popping up.
    • Activate the ‘Monthly’ toggle if you want to make the payment for each month.
    • Select the pay schedule. It determines that the payment will be transferred to employees on the set date.
    • Determine the cut off date. The cut-off date determines the last date where any changes to salary will be given to the payroll team. The payroll team needs to have this cut-off date since the payment takes time to process and they have to make sure there are no new people, no changes on expenses, bank details et c after this time.
      If you have any additional changes such as new employees, expenses after the set cut-off date, it will be processed on the next period.
    • Set the salary start date and end date.
    • Set the attendance start and end.
    • Select the payroll component (e.g. salary, allowance, deduction).
    • Select the employee(s) whose payment want to be processed.
    • Activate the tax to calculate the tax.
    • Tap ‘Submit’ to continue.
  1. Add new payment.
  2. Initiate the payment by following these steps:
    • Choose the payment date.
    • Determine the cut-off date.
    • Set the salary start date and salary end date.
    • Set the attendance start and end date.
    • Check the radio button if the attendance data affects the payroll.
    • Select the component.
    • Select the employee(s).
    • Activate the tax if you want to calculate the tax.
    • Tap ‘Next’ to continue.
  3. Review the payroll. Before going to the last step, you have to make sure that everything goes on the track.

    • Check the employee name.
    • Check the allowances.
    • Check the deductions.
    • Reprocess the data if you want to update some payroll data of employee(s). Tap the ‘Enable Process’ and choose the employee name you want to reprocess.
  1. Check the salary summary.
  2. Download the reports for your documentation.
  3. Publish to your employees. Once you publish it, your employee can directly check their own payslip.
Updated on January 28, 2020

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