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How do I create a post?

Is there something you want to share with your co-workers? Particularly, your achievement. In GreatDay HR, you can share your achievement and make your friends motivated. This feature is inspired by the social media which allows everyone to share thoughts and achievement. Well, sharing post will enable good communication among employees. Share your thoughts and achievements by following these steps:

  1. Go to your homepage and see the box with “Share something great today”

  2. Write down what you have done great.
  3. Don’t forget to swipe the ‘Achievement’. Once you swipe right, your post will be published to all people in the company. However, if you don’t swipe right it, your friends will not see your post. Only your followers can see it if you don’t swipe right.

  4. If you have proof of your achievement (picture), you can also add it! Tap the ‘Attachment’ and add the picture.
  5. All done? Tap the button to send your post.
  6. Then, your post will be available on your homepage.

Wait for your friends’ response about your achievement! Your friends can also like and comment your post.

Video Tutorial on How to Create Post
Updated on January 22, 2020

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