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How do I add new claim form?

Employees are eligible to get claims such as for health, transportation, meal, etc based on the company policy. So, when you are going to clients and spend money to pay for a taxi, or you get sick and you need to purchase medicine, you can add a new claim for that.

Follow these steps to add a new claim form. Before you add the claim form, you need to add the claim on Claim tab. Here are the steps to create a new claim before proceeding the claim form:

  1. Go to Claim and choose Claim tab.
  2. Attach the photo/ proof of your claim and tag
    the location if necessary.
  3. Input the amount of claim.
  4. Set the claim date.
  5. Choose the claim type (e.g. health, meal or transportation, etc).
  6. Write the remarks.
  7. Submit the new claim.

When you fill the claim completely, now you are ready to request the claim form. Here are the steps to request your claim:

  1. Go to Claim and choose Claim Form tab.
  2. Tap ‘+Add New Claim’.
  3. Tap the claim you have made previously or claim you want to request.
  4. All done? Submit your request. It’s on the way to be approved.
Updated on June 25, 2019

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